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About US

What is Otterhead FOrest School?

Forest School is a long-term, child lead learning process in the outdoors. We develop individualised programmes to meet young people at their level of need. We deliver engaging woodland based sessions that promote holistic development. As each programme is individualised the direction of learning differs from child to child. Our young people have the opportunity to learn bushcraft skills and use tools such as knives and saws.  We might also engage young people with engine maintenance and woodwork skills - the possibilities are endless. 

Our Ethos

We believe that every child matters and we create a safe and nurtured environment where everyone can experience success. We believe in building meaningful, trusting relationships with young people. We support them to build confidence, resilience, self-belief and inquisition. We create opportunities for young people to feel the benefits of success through positive risk taking and a balance of support and challenge.

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