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In the last 50 years less children are going outdoors and experiencing life through their senses in the natural surroundings. We believe in the importance of providing young people with positive outdoor experiences so that they may build on them in the future.

Our inclusive mind-set means we work with people from a variety of social backgrounds, both male and female, aged 4 to 24. We work with schools, colleges, universities.

By exploring the woodland environment children can start to build confidence in their understanding of the outdoors.

We focus on allowing every student the opportunity to experience all that our forest and staff team has to offer. We hope to enthuse young students with a desire to play and develop social skills at their own speed.

Otterhead Forest School works with early years through to key stage 1,2 and 3. We believe in close working relationships with schools and educational establishments to have a better understanding of our students and effectively communicate their progress at Forest School.

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