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“Forest School has brought young people into our community radio station giving them great confidence to express their music arts and communication skills in the best possible way on air. Hope to work with you again”

Mr ‘A’, Rage FM Radio Station, Feb 2013

Otterhead Forest School operates a unique music provision that offers DJ skills, music production, writing and recording lyrics. ‘MiStudio’ promotes the Forest School ethos through the medium of music and creative potential. MiStudio focuses on developing essential, transferable skills that can be applied to mainstream learning environments.

Many young people struggle to express thoughts and feelings, MiStudio encourages emotional development through relating emotions and feelings with sounds.

Students learn to use a Macbook Pro with professional software alongside a pair of Technic 1210 vinyl decks. Our students often visit local radio stations to play their music tracks and we invite professional beat boxers, DJs and producers to come and run specialist sessions. Our music provision is run by an experienced DJ and music producer.

“MiStudio is awesome because you make music: rap, grime, dubstep, hardcore, hardstyle and drum and bass. You also learn to mix properly and DJ music that you want to.”

Jake Masters, a student at Otterhead Forest School.

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