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“The woodland setting provides the ideal environment to help children develop or turn around their self-concept through building up their confidence, social skills and developing their independence.”

Fran Cook, Nurture Group Teacher, Holway Park Community Primary School, Taunton.

Our site at Otterhead Lakes consists of many varied environments including mixed coniferous and deciduous woodland, valleys and hills, bogs, streams and lakes. By exploring our 250 acres of woodland it is possible to utilise the ever-changing environment as an outdoor classroom for example forest walks can inspire real life biology lessons discussing habitats, trees, animals and insects. Following the river and numerous streams can provide opportunities to engage real life physical geography discussing topics such as the water cycle, aquatic wildlife and erosion.

Walking in woodland terrain can often prove challenging for individuals and presents unique opportunities for problem solving activities that can only be accessed in outdoor environments. Examples of these activities include bridge building over rivers, navigating bog land and risk assessing potential dangers in the wood whilst leading a group.

Students can learn about foraging for natural food sources such as edible plants, berry’s and mushrooms providing hands on knowledge and a key opportunity to build respect between students and the natural world.

Students are intrigued by the sites natural history and human influences on the area. It’s important to us to educate people about respecting nature, limiting damage and litter and to enjoy the outstanding natural beauty in their local areas.


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