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Otterhead Forest School wants all children to have the opportunity to experience and learn in the outdoors.  We support schools by offering a variety of services including training at all levels.

Otterhead offer both Forest School and Outdoor Learning training and will best prepare you for delivering education in the outdoors.  Explore the differences between Forest School and Outdoor Learning before choosing the best fit for you and your setting.                       

 2020 Training Dates out now!

What is the difference between Outdoor Learning and Forest School?

Outdoor Learning                                                                                        Forest School

Adult led learning                                                                                          Child led learning

Curriculum based                                                                                          Social, emotional and play based

Variable periods of time                                                                               Long term programme

Large groups of students (whole classes)                                                 Small groups of students

Low ratio of staff to students                                                                      High ratio of staff to students

Otterhead Forest School is a partner organisation of Cambium Sustainable

A national consortium of Forest School training providers working together in ensure quality learning experiences for its learners.  All of our training is delivered though the Argoed Cymru examining board.






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