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Covid resources

Hello parents / careers.


We understand that this must be a difficult time for our students being away from routine and education. These activities are intended to reach out to our students and let them know we are thinking of them. This is by no means compulsory homework but an opportunity for students to get involved in a task. Some of the tasks would benefit from adult help.

We hope to add some more resources to this page over the coming weeks so please check back as we post more. 


We would like to offer out a contact to all our students through this time and if anyone would like to reach out feel free to email on and we will try to get back to you within the week.

Hope your all doing well.

Otterhead Forest school.

Corona virus - A book for children

This is a book that has been free published by Nosy Crow. It is free to download and is good reading material for children and parents who would like to know a little more about Covid. 

Tarquin Montgomery 

Tarquin Montgomery has been inspiring children to use the world around them creatively. His videos are short, easy to follow and full of humour - great for children and adults. 

Forestry England resources

Forestry England are one of the largest land owners in the UK and share our passion for engaging people in the outdoors. They have lots of good resources  available on their website, here are a couple of their worksheets that can be fun to complete.

Tree spotters sheet

Forest snapdragon

Twilight activity sheet



The woodland trust is another large land owner in the UK who are invested into getting young people outdoors and engaged with nature. Their website has a range of activities for younger students. Here are a few of our favourite ones they offer. 

Ladybird hanger 

Butterfly feeder

Minibeast palace

Hedgehog house


As a staff team at forest school and TDPC we are all missing our students so made a video full of positivist to share with you all. 

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